Case Studies

Chuck, the owner of Evergreen, is never in the office. He needed a way to bill his customers for their landscaping service every 2 weeks without having to sit down at his computer every time.

Evergreen also sets their pricing based on yard square footage, and has over 300 different customers all paying on different days of the month.

With recharge, Chuck only has to sit down at his computer once -- when he gets a new customer. He sets up the unique price he's quoted the customer and sets recharge to bill their credit card every 14 days.

Now that recharge is billing his customers for him, Chuck can drive around town doing what he loves -- drumming up new business and making sure his customers' hedges look just right.

Susan at Quarter Note prides herself in being "ahead of the curve". Usually, parents pay for their child's music lessons by check at the first of the month. However, sometimes parents forget or they simply don't have a checkbook handy.

Susan wanted a way to give her music lesson program a more professional image than her competitors and a more stable method of collecting monthly lesson fees from parents.

Susan has saved pricing plans for her 30 and 60 minute lessons, so when she adds a new student or one changes how often they take lessons, all she has to do is pick how often the student comes in, and recharge knows how much and when to charge them.

recharge has made billing easy for Susan and her students' busy parents. She doesnt have to remind parents to bring in a check next week, and since she doesn't have to run to the bank and deposit checks all the time, she can take on 2 more students!

A-1 Self Storage's core business model is monthly payments. With over 200 storage units in 6 different sizes, an Excel spreadsheet just wasn't cutting it anymore; they needed a way to automate their billing.

recharge lets them set which storage unit size a customer is occupying and then charges their card accordingly each month, billing $1 for the first month because of their current promotion.

Also, when a customer rents a truck or moving supplies, the office staff is able to add that one-time charge to their existing account.

The managers of A-1 now have the tools they need to manage their business' recurring payments easily and effectively; and the reports they need to see their expected revenue for the next month.

How It Works

recharge automatically handles all aspects of your recurring billing, subscription billing, or payment plans so there's no need to worry about doing it yourself every month!

Simply enter the amount and frequency that you need to charge your customer's credit card, and when the time comes, we'll charge the card for you, make sure it was approved, email you and your customer a receipt, and deposit the money in your bank account in as little as 2 business days.

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API and Hosted Payment Pages

Let your customers complete orders and signup for your recurring services on your website!

Whether you have a full-time website developer or have no experience at all, recharge lets you make sales and accept payments online for your one-time or recurring products. We'll work with you to integrate our service into your website. Check out our API Documentation.

Security And PCI Compliance

We believe this is the most important part of your credit card processing equation.

We use industry-leading 256-Bit Encryption for all transactions on our site and all credit card numbers are stored securely on the X-Web Gateway, leaving you isolated from PCI-DSS compliancy.

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