API: Webhooks

The recharge API can send an HTTP POST to a script you specify whenever a charge for one of your customers gets approved or declined.

The webhook URL can be set by logging into Recharge and going to Settings > Hosted Payment Pages.

This is another feature that PostBin can help you with. Set the webhook URL to your PostBin URL and you'll be able to see the contents of all the webhooks we send.



Value Name Example Description
event Recurring Transaction Processed A description of what happened
payload[amount] 9.99 Dollar amount of the transaction
payload[approval_code] 021548 Approval Code of the transaction if it was approved
payload[charge] ch4d5326a7ef51d Unique ID of the recurring charge
payload[customer] cu4d5326a7eed4e Unique ID of the customer
payload[date_time_epoch] 1304981047 Epoch time the transaction was processed
payload[date_time_human] 05/09/2011 3:44:07 PM Human-readable date and time the transaction was processed
payload[result] Approval The response returned by the processor
payload[transaction] tr4da0e1337837d Unique ID of the transaction