API: Payment Methods

Payment Methods in Recharge are references to credit cards stored securely on the payment gateway. They can be used for one-time or recurring charges.

Recharge supports an unlimited number of Payment Methods for each customer.

Since they are stored securely on the gateway, Payment Methods cannot be edited. If a customer changes credit card information, you must add a new Payment Method to Recharge and apply the new Payment Method to the Customer's Charge.


Payment Method Attributes

Parameter Description
id The unique identifier for the Payment Method.
customer ID of the Customer that the new Payment Method should be added to.
nameOnCard Name printed on the front of the card.
cardNumber Credit card number.
expDate Credit card expiration date. Formatted like "MMYY"
cvv2 3 or 4 digit security code. (Optional)
address Cardholder address used for AVS verification. (Optional)
zip Cardholder ZIP code used for AVS verification. (Optional)
alias The credit card alias used by the gateway.
cardType Credit card type.
last4 Last 4 numbers of the stored credit card.


Create Payment Method

POST /paymethods

Creates a new Payment Method in Recharge, assigns it to a Customer and returns information about it.


$fields['customer'] = "cu4ea20c9a6724b"; 
$fields['nameOnCard'] = "Test Jones"; 
$fields['cardNumber'] = "4111111111111111"; 
$fields['expDate'] = "0324"; 
$fields['cvv2'] = "123"; 
$fields['address'] = "123 Any Street"; 
$fields['zip'] = "90210";


<payMethod id="pm4ea20d4819c18">
	<nameOnCard>Test Jones</nameOnCard> 


Delete Payment Method

DELETE /paymethods/<payMethod_id>

Deletes the Payment Method from Recharge only if it is not being used for any recurring charges.